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I’ll take the case!

Daniel is an Assistant Manager and Technician with Shatter Buggy as well as a Biochemistry major at C.U. Boulder. This man eats, breathes and daydreams all things Apple which made bringing him on as a blog contributor an obvious decision. Today he will be discussing wrapping that beautiful new iPhone 6 in the correct case. …
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Should I Repair My iPhone 5S Myself?

Hey Shatter Buggy, should I repair my iPhone 5S myself? (answer to come with flow chart) Matt in Minneapolis here again to act as your sherpa through the iPhone 5S repair wilderness. Often times a potential customer will view something online or talk with their nerdy IT cousin and think to themselves, “Sure, I can maybe, …
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iPad Mini Repair in Minneapolis?

iPad Mini Repair in Minneapolis, yes! Shatter Buggy message thread, secret mountain compound, March 21st, 3:07 A.M. Ben Head, esteemed CEO: Matt, you weren’t sleeping were you? I think you should write a blog post. Matt Endress, Minneapolis owner/operator, all around good guy, and sleep enthusiast: Right now? About what? Why would we talk about …
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iPad Repair Denver

iPad Repair for Denver Colorado – Now One Price! Shatter Buggy is excited to announce one single low price for iPad repair Denver and our other service areas! This will streamline our operations but more importantly will give the end user (you) much better pricing on the latest models. For instance, our latest sale has …
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